Understanding WinTrend Templates


WinTrend Template


WinTrend Template is another 'tool' in addition to Desktops that is using to operate with chart layout settings. The main difference between them is WinTrend Template is using to store chart layout structure (not all the data). And stores only

  1. number of chart areas;

  2. area's heights;

  3. X-Axis mode;

  4. and indicators (+their parameters).


As far as template does not have strong dependency from any particular chart, it can be applied to any opened chart. So the main idea of using templates - make 'snapshot' of chart's layout and apply it to another chart (see Example 1 below.)


Important! Using Templates does not change chart scaling settings.


Example 1.


1) Save template



2) Apply template to another chart



3) Result:


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