Emulator tab

Emulator tab


Emulator tab contains a set of properties to configure trading emulation based on historical data:

1 . Emulation Base PointEmulation Base Point

Emulation Base Point


  1. Emulation Base Point - specifies the date from which emulation will start. Note, that this date should be the date from historical data. All the bars with time labels less than chosen one are considered to be 'historical bars'. All the rest historical data (with timestamps greater than Emulation Base Point value) are using to emulate real time data.


    Important! By default Emulation Base Point equals to latest historical data timestamp. The user should define correct value (as described above) to use emulation feature.


    Base Point Interval shows available historical data to help define correct value.

2 . Progress BarProgress Bar

Progress Bar


Progress bar shows current emulation progress. Also it can be used to change current emulation progress.

3 . Emulation RateEmulation Rate

Emulation Rate


Emulation Rate setting defines 'emulation rate' - the number of emulated bars per second.


Ex 1. Value '0.1' has meaning 1 bar per 10 seconds.

Ex 2. Value '10.0' has meaning 10 bars per 1 second.

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