Chart Properties Toolbar

Chart Properties Toolbar


1 . Auto AdjustAuto Adjust

Auto Adjust


Autoscale to STOCK (MAIN study) data (ignoring all other studies). This option works only in combination with Auto Scale button.

2 . Auto ScaleAuto Scale

Auto Scale


Autoscale current chart areas to fit into window bounds.

3 . Mouse Cross CursorMouse Cross Cursor

Mouse Cross Cursor


Show/hide mouse cross cursor.

4 . Show/Hide GridShow/Hide Grid

Show/Hide Grid


Show/hide chart grid.

5 . Chart StatisticsChart Statistics

Chart Statistics


Show/hide chart Statistics Window:


6 . Future BarsFuture Bars

Future Bars


Enable/disable future bars functionality.

7 . Future Bars LengthFuture Bars Length

Future Bars Length


Set number of future bars:


8 . Fixed TimeFixed Time

Fixed Time


Turn on/off fixed time option.

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