WinTrend Ticker is a union of symbols that are related to the same stock or 'publicly traded shares'. WinTrend Ticker has the following properties:


  1. Tag - assigned ticker tag, this value is used as display ticker' name; and a field to bind chart to TCP Trade data (should be unique across tickers/spreads collection).

  2. Ticker Name - ticker full name.

  3. Beta - non-readable (non-displayable) ticker tag.

  4. IQ Symbol - stock symbol in IQ data feeder.

  5. IB Symbol - stock symbol in IB data feeder.

  6. Yahoo Symbol - stock symbol in Yahoo data feeder.

  7. Assignment map Data Type(Day, Minute,   Tick / Historical, Real-time) to Data Feeder(IQ,IB or Yahoo).

    Note. It is important to assign data feeders to ticker in order to receive historical and real-time data.

  8. Ticker sessions - use ticker sessions to filter data, only bars with timestamps that are fit into these timeframes will be displayed.


See also Ticker Properties.

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