Chart Appearance


All Chart Appearance properties are gathered on Chart Properties/Appearance tab:


Render Settings


  • Skin Type - defines type of the skin (color schema: chart background color, candle' color) that is applied to a chart.

  • Scale Type - set scale type for Y-Axis, supported values: Normal (linear type), Log and Square Root.

  • Stick Render Type - available types: Column, Thick Column, Single Line, .

  • Stock Render Type -











  • Show X-Axis mode - Default (use skin settings), On Each Area (each area will have x-axis), On Last Area (only last area will have x-axis), On First Area (only first area will have x-axis).


Other Settings


  • Show Cross Cursor - show/hide chart cross cursor (see on the picture below).

  • Show Cursor Label - show/hide chart cross cursor label (see on the picture below).




  • Show Indicator Values - show/hide indicator values in Statistic Window.

  • Fixed Time - show/hide missing bars (bars in non market time, holidays).

  • Show Overlay Values in Statistic Window - show/hide overlay values in Statistic Window.

  • Show Statistic Window - show/hide Statistic Window.

  • Use Memory Buffering - optimize chart rendering using memory double buffering (unxhexk this option for low performance PCs).

  • Autoscale Y-Axis - automatically rescale chart to fit STOCK and indicators lines and bars (candles).

  • Adjust Data - use this option in a combination with Autoscale Y-Axis to apply autoscale mechanism for STOCK data only.



    Autoscale+Adjust Data

  • Bonds - use Bonds instead of decimal fraction part, supported values are: 1/32nd and 1/64th.


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