Scaling Chart


WinTrend provides several ways to change/set chart scaling:


  • using area X- or Y- axis

  • rectangular selection

  • using rescaling buttons

  • set scale using Chart Scale Dialog


Rescaling using area X- or Y- axis


Point on to first or last 1/3rd part of vertical axis area as displayed on the picture below:




Press left mouse button and drag (holding left mouse button pressed) it in vertical direction to rescale chart area.

In case of pointing on the middle 1/3rd part, 'hand' cursor will appear and dragging mouse in vertical direction will result in moving the whole chart up/down depending on movement direction (see below).




The analogue rules exists for horizontal rescaling:




Rectangular selection


  1. Press left mouse button

  2. Select rectangular area (holding left mouse button pressed)

  3. Release the button


As a result chart area will zoom in to selected area:





Using rescaling buttons


See this link to learn more.


Set scale using Chart Scale Dialog


See this link to lean more about Chart Scale Dialog.





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