Ticker Properties

Ticker Properties


1 . Ticker NamesTicker Names

Ticker Names


Ticker names group contains all symbolic tags and names of the selected/new ticker:

  • Ticker Tag - short symbolic name of the ticker, this value is using as displayed ticker name and as the value to bind TCP Trigger to ticker.

  • Ticker Name - full ticker name.

  • Beta - non-displayable ticker tag.





2 . MarketMarket



Currently the only supported value: US market.

3 . Tick Value PrecisionTick Value Precision

Tick Value Precision


The dialog provides a set of options for the selected/new ticker.

4 . SymbolsSymbols



Data Feeder symbols. Each ticker may have several configured symbols (data feeders), in this case the user will have an option to choose one of the feeders or even specify different feeders for historical and real-time data (for example if one feeder does not provide historical data while another does not provide real-time).


Important! Only feeders which has properly configured Symbol will be available for downloading historical and real-time data.

5 . Data Feeder SettingsData Feeder Settings

Data Feeder Settings


Use Data Feeder Settings to define data feeder for each data type (Day, Minute, Ticks) historical and real-time data.

6 . Session SettingsSession Settings

Session Settings


Sessions of the current ticker. More about Session Settings: Session Settings

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