Murrey Math tab

Murrey Math tab


1 . Enable MM GridEnable MM Grid

Enable MM Grid

Show/Hide Murrey Math Grid.

2 . Frame SizeFrame Size

Frame Size


This group of options is used to define MM frame size:

  • Predefined Sets allows to choose one of predefined frame sizes (8,16,32,64,128,256).

  • Use Other value to set any 'arbitrary' value with the limitation to be divisible by 8.

  • Auto Frame will enable automatic calculation of frame size value. The algorithm makes search across all Frame Size values (=n*8) and choose the one which height is closer to Best Increment Size (highest value - lowest value, highest value is the maximum of all bars HIGH property value).

3 . Frame MultiplierFrame Multiplier

Frame Multiplier


The idea of Frame Multiplier is to adjust frame height (it doe not change Frame Size value), as far as the number of bars to be analyzed to calculate frame height is equal to Frame Size * Frame Multiplier.

4 . Other settingsOther settings

Other settings


The following properties are responsible for corresponding lines/oblects visibility:

  • Draw Speed Lines Up

  • Draw Speed Lines Dn

  • Draw Mom Lines Up (momentum lines)

  • Draw Mon Lines Dn (momentum lines)

  • Draw Circles

  • Only Main Speed Lines (show only main speed lines)

  • Only Main Grid Lines (show only main grid lines)

  • Show Labels


Set Ignore Wicks option on to use only OPEN and CLOSE values for Frame Height calculation. Otherwise HIGH and LOW values will be used.


Intra Frame (not used, obsolette)

5 . First Frame timestampFirst Frame timestamp

First Frame timestamp


Set First Frame start date manually by setting Auto Date option off or use built-in automatic date calculation (based on moon cycles).

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