Spread Properties

Spread Properties


The dialog provides a set of options for the selected/new spread.

1 . Spread NameSpread Name

Spread Name


The name of the current spread.

2 . MarketMarket



Currently the only supported value: US market.

3 . Tick Value PrecisionTick Value Precision

Tick Value Precision


Tick Value Precision defines the number of decimal digits to be shown after decimal point.

4 . Spread SymbolsSpread Symbols

Spread Symbols


Symbols (tickers) that will be used to build spread.

5 . Spread FormulaSpread Formula

Spread Formula


Put here any arithmetic value. A and B are aliases for the first and second symbols. Additionally the following trigonometric and math formulas are allowed:

  • Math.Min(x,y)

  • Math.Max(x,y)

  • Math.Abs(x)

  • Math.Cos(x)

  • Math.Sin(x)

  • Math.Tan(x)

  • Math.Atan(x)


Ex 1. 1+Math.Cos(A-B)

Ex 2. A+0.5*B

6 . Adjust VolumeAdjust Volume

Adjust Volume


Use Adjust Volume to correct spread value (that was generated by Spread Formula) by specified value. Adjust Volume will be added to volume of each bar.

7 . Session SettingsSession Settings

Session Settings


Sessions of the current spread. More about Session Settings: Session Settings

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