Standard Toolbar

Standard Toolbar



1 . Add New TickerAdd New Ticker

Add New Ticker


Use Add New Ticker button to add one of the following:

2 . Delete Selected TickerDelete Selected Ticker

Delete Selected Ticker


Delete selected ticker/spread or group.

3 . Show Symbols WindowShow Symbols Window

Show Symbols Window


Show/hide Symbols pane.

4 . Show Tools WindowShow Tools Window

Show Tools Window


Show/hide Tools pane.

5 . Show Objects WindowShow Objects Window

Show Objects Window


Show/hide Objects pane.

6 . Printer SetupPrinter Setup

Printer Setup


Launch printer setup dialog (standard windows dialog).

7 . Print PreviewPrint Preview

Print Preview


Show preview for current chart.

8 . PrintPrint



Print current chart.

9 . Build DesktopBuild Desktop

Build Desktop


Build new desktop.

10 . Select Desktop from ListSelect Desktop from List

Select Desktop from List


Load desktop from drop-down list.

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