Formula Manager

Formula Manager


1 . Formulas listFormulas list

Formulas list


List of formulas to be displayed on the selected/new area.

2 . Sorting buttonsSorting buttons

Sorting buttons


Use these buttons to change formulas ordering. This can make sense in case particular formula (study) draws thick/wide lines/objects and will overdraw previous studies.


Ex. MAIN study should be always first as it may overdraw other study lines.

3 . Formula EditorFormula Editor

Formula Editor


Opens Formula Editor dialog for selected formula.

4 . Add FormulaAdd Formula

Add Formula


Opens Select Formula dialog (see below) to add new formula to selected area.


5 . Remove FormulaRemove Formula

Remove Formula


Remove selected formula from the list.

6 . Formula ParametersFormula Parameters

Formula Parameters


Displays a list of formula parameters.

7 . Update ModeUpdate Mode

Update Mode


Update Mode setting defines the formula refreshing frequency:


  • On Each Tick means that the formula will be recalculated each time data feeder triggers new tick event.

  • On Each Bar means that it will be recalculated on start of each new bar.


    Important! Use update on each tick mode for all studies that are critical to real time data, such as MAIN (to display real time data).

    Please, be careful using update on each tick mode with highly complex formulas which are require a lot of calculations as this can slow down the application.

8 . Extended LayoutExtended Layout

Extended Layout


Use Extended Layout settings to place study in Overlay mode or in Second Y-axis (second Y-axis will be displayed on the left).

9 . Color SettingsColor Settings

Color Settings


Opens Color Settings tab with to define width, style and color for selected study lines (analogue to Chart Properties : Studies Settings).

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