Using Tools


WinTrend application provides a quite large number of tools (see Tools panel). All the tools are developed in order to help in market analysis (along with studies) and has suitable interface.


Object in terms of WinTrend application - is an instance of a tool from Tools panel.


How to place objects on a chart?


To place an object onto the chart it is needed just 2 easy steps:


First, click on the tool that you would like to use. Note, the tool' icon will be added to your mouse cursor once you have selected the tool.



Mouse cursor contains 'tool' icon:



Second, select a place on the chart were you would like the object to be placed: click on the chart and (holding left mouse button pressed) drag the object control point in order to resize object's bounds.



After the object has been placed, it automatically will be listed in Objects panel.


How to resize Object?


First, you need to select the object. There are two ways to do that:

1) via Objects panel (just select corresponding item in it)

2) or by clicking on object's element (for example line).


After the object is selected (control points will be marked with green dots ), you can drag them in order to resize selected object.


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