Chart Menu

Chart Menu


1 . Add AreaAdd Area

Add Area


Add new chart area (Formula Manager dialog).

2 . Close Selected AreaClose Selected Area

Close Selected Area


Close selected chart area.

3 . Add Study/Edit ParametersAdd Study/Edit Parameters

Add Study/Edit Parameters


Edit current area: add/edit study parameters (Formula Manager dialog).

4 . Edit Formula Source CodeEdit Formula Source Code

Edit Formula Source Code


Launches Formula Editor to edit selected study source code.

5 . Formula EditorFormula Editor

Formula Editor


Opens Formula Editor.

6 . Show Cross CursorShow Cross Cursor

Show Cross Cursor


Show/hide cross cursor.

7 . Show StatisticsShow Statistics

Show Statistics


Show/hide statistic window:


8 . TemplatesTemplates



Create new template/apply template to chart/open Manage Templates dialog:


9 . Default Chart PropertiesDefault Chart Properties

Default Chart Properties


Open Default Chart Properties Dialog. These properties apply to all newly opened charts.

10 . Chart PropertiesChart Properties

Chart Properties


Open Chart Properties dialog for the current chart.

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