All the data related to current chart is located on Chart pane.

1 . Chart AreaChart Area

Chart Area


Chart area can contain any number of studies on it, also it supports applying tools as well as different properties to any specific area.


See more information about Chart Properties here.


* on this picture is displayed chart with enabled Murrey Math grid.

2 . Vertical ScaleVertical Scale

Vertical Scale


Each chart area can have one or two vertical scale panels. Using this panel the user can shift the whole chart in vertical direction or change its vertical scale.

3 . Horizontal ScaleHorizontal Scale

Horizontal Scale


Each chart area has horizontal scale panel. Using this panel the user can shift the whole chart in horizontal direction or change its horizontal scale.

4 . Zoom OptionsZoom Options

Zoom Options


Zoom Options panel contains the following buttons:


  • Reset - show all chart data bars.

  • Zoom In - zoom in horizontal scale.

  • Zoom In - horizontal scale.


Note! All Zoom Options buttons rescale (vertically) chart areas to fit all studies into screen.

5 . Chart Area (Second)Chart Area (Second)

Chart Area (Second)


Each chart can have several areas, this allows logically split screen into several parts for better usability.

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