Data Feed tab

Data Feed tab


1 . Data Cycle ValuesData Cycle Values

Data Cycle Values


Data Cycle group provides ability to set current chart data cycle. See also Chart Resolution: Data Cycle.

2 . Bars LoadedBars Loaded

Bars Loaded


Bars Loaded is a number of historical bars to be displayed on the chart. See also Number of Loaded Bars.


3 . Filter DataFilter Data

Filter Data


From time to time data feeder can return incorrect data (open, close, high or low value). WinTrend provides possibility to correct such bars using Filter Data option.


See also Using Data Filter Option.


4 . History Base LineHistory Base Line

History Base Line


Use History base line option to specify 'time baseline' to load historical data. This gives ability to display 'window' in historical data (for example if the user would like to analyze previous data in order to compare with the current market).


See also Using History Baseline.


Note. Using this option will disable displaying real-time data on the chart (though this will not stop receiving real-time data).

5 . Show Forecasting BarsShow Forecasting Bars

Show Forecasting Bars


Show forecasting bars option will enable indicators extension into future bars. The main goal of such extension is market forecasting / prediction.


See also Using Future Bars.


Note. Not all indicators has support for future bars handling.

6 . Sessions SettingsSessions Settings

Sessions Settings


Chart sessions configuration. More about Session Settings: Session Settings, Trading Sessions.

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