StatusBar Area

StatusBar Area


1 . Conection statusConection status

Conection status


Opens Connect dialog.

2 . Feeders Connection StateFeeders Connection State

Feeders Connection State


Clicking on this area will open the following dialog:



Using this dialog the user can manually control data feeder connection state (only for data feeders for which the user have subscription).

3 . Feeders LogFeeders Log

Feeders Log


Opens Feeders Log

4 . Desktop NameDesktop Name

Desktop Name


Shows what Desktop loaded. More about desktops here: Desktops Collection

5 . Lock/Unlock ChartLock/Unlock Chart

Lock/Unlock Chart


Use this button to lock/unlock current chart scale.

6 . Chart ScaleChart Scale

Chart Scale


Shows current chart scale. Clicking on this area opens Chart Scale dialog.

7 . Current Real-Time Feeder StateCurrent Real-Time Feeder State

Current Real-Time Feeder State


Displays current Real-Time data feeder state.

8 . History Feeder StateHistory Feeder State

History Feeder State


Displays current Historical data feeder state.

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