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Opening Charts and connecting to a Data Feed Service

Prepare to opening charts

1. First, please, sign up for WinTrend account if you do not have it yet. Once you've subscribed to WinTrend account you will be able to activate and use FREE/Trial services.
Also there is a possibility to use WinTrend you should be connected to WinTrend account or use CSV Data To open chart and get historical and real-time data you need to go through the following steps:

2. To work with WinTrend data services you should Log In into WinTrend account.

3. WinTrend supports several data and trade services. For data and trade service information and to become set up with a supported service go to the Data/Trade Services Page. Please be sure to follow all the setup instructions for the data/trading service you will be working with. Free Trials will have access to this, unless your account requires activation.

4. Create Symbol Ticker.

Opening charts

Once you have created Symbol Ticker it will appear in Symbols window (see below):

To open chart and load data into it you should double click on one of the subnodes (DAY, MINUTE or TICK) to open chart with corresponding data. Alternatively you can open chart by right-clicking on one of the subnodes (DAY, MINUTE or TICK) and choose Load from menu.

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Configure Data Feeders

Please, use toolbar to choose data feeder for the current chart:

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Note. To receive history and real-time data you should be:
1) Subscribed to corresponding WinTrend Services
2) Loged in to WinTrend