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Using Import/Export Data Wizard

  • Import Data
  • Export Data
  • Import Data

    1. Right-click on ticker and select Import >> From CSV File

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    2. Specify data file for import and click Next

    Below is an example of CSV file supported by WinTrend.

    Note. WinTrend uses the same format for historical data as So you can visit this site, download spreadsheet with historical data and load it into WinTrend.

    3. This step allows you to specify which rows should not be imported (if necessary) and correct automatically mapped columns. For example Column 1 on the picture below was recognised as OPEN. Howether, the format allows you to use data files without leading header which gives the application information about columns meaning and colums can not be recognised automatically. In this case you should specify meaning of the columns manually using group of comboboxes of the left.

    4. This step tells WinTrend which historical bars (existing in WinTrend database or CSV file) should be chosen in case the ticker already has historical data with some timestamps.

    5. Afrer completion "Import data" report will be shown.

    Export Data

    1. Right-click on ticker and select Export >> From CSV File

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    Then select destination folder and specify output filename.