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Interactive Brokers Symbol Guide


This page describes the IB symbol formats used by WinTrend. It has examples and lists some common symbols. All symbols other than simple stock symbols for IB require special formatting. If you enter an incorrect symbol, then you will receive this message in the message log: Data feed message: symbol is unknown or improperly formatted or Data feed message: no security definition has been found for the request. You can go to the IB symbols page to look up the symbol and exchange (if necessary) to use in the symbol formats described on this page. The symbol you will use in WinTrend to access IB data consists of the symbol of the instrument you want plus the exchange code and some other information. All of this together makes up a complete symbol. Other than for stock symbols, the exchange and other information needs to be specified.

Note: One reason you may receive a symbol error is because your IB account may not be enabled for the symbol you are using. You will need to contact IB to have your account enabled for the particular exchanges you need data for.

List of IB Symbol Formats

1. Stock Format
2. Futures Format
3. Index Format
4. Option Format
5. Futures Options Format
6. Currency Pair Format Example

1. Stock Format

General Format:[stock symbol]
Example:IBM (Stock IBM)
Note:When you use a stock symbol without an exchange, the exchange is set to SMART. For example using the symbol IBM is equivalent to IBM-S-SMART.

Stocks With Specified Exchange Example

General Format:[stock symbol]-S-[exchange]
Example:DTE-S-IBIS ( "deutsche Telekom" stock on the IBIS.)
Note:The letter S stands for stock.

2. Futures Format

Futures Format 1 Example

General Format:[underlying symbol]-[4 digit year 2 digit month]-[exchange]
Example:ES-200309-GLOBEX (mini S&P futures for September (09) 2003 on the Globex)
Note:ES is the underlying symbol for the S&P mini futures. If you do not receive data using this format, use format 2 shown below instead.

Futures Format 2 Example

General Format:[futures symbol]-FUT-[exchange]
Example:ESU3-FUT-GLOBEX (mini S&P futures for September 2003 on the Globex)
Note:ES is the underlying symbol for the S&P mini futures. The letter U specifies the month of September. The number 3 specifies the year. The underlying symbols for futures can be looked up on the IB web site.

YM-200512-ECBOTMini Dow Futures for December 2005 on the ECBOT
TFZ8-FUT-NYBOTRussel Futures for December 2008 on the NYBOT
ES-200506-GLOBEXMini S&P Futures for June 2005 on the GLOBEX
EUR-200506-GLOBEXEUR Futures for June 2005 on the GLOBEX
NQ-200506-GLOBEXMini NASDAQ Futures for June 2005 on the GLOBEX
QM-200506-NYMEXMini Oil Futures for June 2005 on the NYMEX
HSI-200505-HKFEHang Seng stock index for May 2005 on the Hong Kong Futures Exchange
DAX-200703-DTBDAX Futures for March 2007 on the DTB

3. Index Format

General Format:[symbol]-I-[exchange]
Example:DAX-I-DTB (the DAX index on the DTB exchange)
Example:DAX-IND-DTB (the DAX index on the DTB exchange)
Note:The letter I stands for index. This is the format for INDEXES. You need to know the exchange it's on. IND can also be used instead of I.

INDU-I-NYSEU.S. Dow Jones index on the New York Stock Exchange.
TICK-NASD-I-NASDAQNasdaq Tick index.
TRIN-NASD-I-NASDAQNasdaq Trin index.
SPX-I-CBOES&P 500 index.
COMP-I-NASDAQNasdaq Composite index.
RUT-I-CBOEThe Russel index.
DAX-I-DTBThe Dax index.
VIX-I-CBOES&P volatility index.
AD-NYSE-I-NYSEAdvancing Issues minus Declining Issues. No History is available.

4. Option Format

General Format:[option symbol]-OPT-[Exchange]
Example:OEXAA-OPT-CBOE (OEX option on the CBOE)

5. Futures Options Format

Futures Options Format 1 Example

General Format:[Root Symbol]-FOP-[Expiration]-[Strike]-[Call or Put]-[Exchange]

Futures Options Format 2 Example

General Format:[option symbol]-FOP-[Exchange]
Example:ESN4 P1020-FOP-GLOBEX (July 1020 Put for the mini S&P 500 traded on Globex)
Note:FOP stands for Futures Option. There is a space between the 4 and the P in this symbol.

6. Currency Pair Format Example

General Format:[Currency pair symbol]-CASH-IDEALPRO