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WinTrend provides high quality real-time and historical charting as well as advanced technical analysis for the financial markets.

WinTrend supports all types of markets: stocks, futures, indexes, spreads, currencies and options.

WinTrend has a large set of indicators, studies and drawing tools. Use the built-in scripting language to create your own custom indicators and trading strategies or build custom studies with free Microsoft .net competitive compiles.

WinTrend is extremely fast with unbeatable speed in all areas. Whether you are a short-term trader reliant on real-time charts and advanced trade functionality or you are a long-term investor and require only simple charts with basic analytical tools. WinTrend will deliver and WinTrend is free! WinTrend is being continuously improved and expanded.

Note! Software and Yahoo data are free. Any symbol available on Yahoo can be downloaded.
The trial affects only real time data from IB Brokers and IQFeed. Both data feeds provide global data.

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